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Sleeping on floors

Well, I never thought this day would be here. The time has come where Georgie is transitioning to her own room. Although its a hallway and a flight of stairs away, for some reason, I feel like she's going away to college. To be fair, our stairs do have a landing, so it does make it seem even further away. I wanted to do this blog post because it's the first HUGE transition that has totally messed with my emotions and of course to share some photos of big girl in her crib. Yes, new size diapers and clothes were tough, but not having my precious (10-12 hour a night) sleeping buddy next to me is just really hitting me hard.

I think Georgie was more ready for this transition than I was. Homegirl basically packed up her rock'n'play, threw away the swaddles, and said bring it on. She's amazing at transitioning, like resume worthy (WHO IS THIS BABY). We decided to just bite the bullet and make one large shift instead of a few small ones. She defiantly gets these traits from Daddy. For the first night, I had to sleep on the floor in her room. What if she needed her Mommy or just wanted to hold my finger? Mitch is amazing, after he saw me crying... okay, bawling after I put her down, he decided the whole gang would have a sleepover on G's floor. How did I find this amazing husband?

This post is short and sweet, but I wanted to share this big moment. Although G is only three and a half months old, I feel like we've had her our whole lives together. I just keep telling myself this is a good thing, we're doing a great job, and (KNOCK ON WOOD) we have one freaking great stinkin' baby. Maybe I'll give it a few more years of sleeping on the floor, I'm not quite ready to leave her side. KIDDING KIDDING, but maybe a few more nights. I know there are going to be many more moments like this one, so Momma's if you have some advice, throw it my way!


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