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Georgie Rose

Holy moly guacamole, she's here. Our little Georgie Rose Howell. Our precious, faultless rainbow baby. This blog post is long overdue, Georgie will be ONE month tomorrow. I've spent the past four weeks taking in every single moment; watching G (that's what we call her) sleep, cry, eat... watch her daddy fall more in love everyday... and try my best to take as many pictures and visual notes as possible. She has already changed so much and I'm afraid if I blink she will be grown. I've waited so long to hold her, I already want time to slow down.

So, instead of updating you on every single thing that's happened over the past month, I decided to share just a few things and lots of pictures. Let's face it, she's the star of the show now.

ONE. G is perfect, motherhood is amazing, and we are adjusting perfectly. HAHA NOT! I'm going to be real with you guys. It's not easy, I have bad days, she has bad days, sometimes she drives me crazy and I'm sure I drive her crazy too. We're still learning and adjusting everyday. I've wanted to quit breastfeeding atleast 10 times, but we're really getting the hang of it. With that being said, it's perfect chaos. I've gotten out of the house almost every single day since she's been born. She's already had family babysit, been on the boat, and out to dinner more times than I can count. We're doing the absolute best we can and positively wouldn't trade this crazy, sleep deprived life for anything.

TWO. She changes literally every single day. EVERY DAY. She has changed from a tiny alien to a tiny human and now a tiny girl. She does new things everyday and she's totally a mini Mitch. She is just a really, really cool baby.

THREE. I wanted to thank every single one of you. Thank you for supporting my blog, supporting our journey, and cheering us on along the way. It's been the craziest journey to date, and we've been so lucky to cry, celebrate, and pray with all of you throughout it all.

Anyways, the dogs approve. Thank goodness, we didn't want to have to give her back. We're hanging in there, enjoying every moment, and can't wait to share more as she grows.


Thank you WOLF HOUSE PHOTO for the amazing shots. We cannot express enough how much these photos mean to us.

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