OH EM GEE. We're down to the mother freaking wire. Less than a month to go and I'm feeling all sorts of feels. My friend asked me if I feel like it's gone by fast. YES, it's completely flown by, but somehow at the exact same time, I feel like I've been pregnant forever. I mean, yeah, I've literally been pregnant on and off for 24 months. We started this journey over 2 years ago, April 2016. We've been ready for this moment for so long, I can't explain how badly we've wanted this, and it's finally almost here. I still don't think I'm actually convinced this whole thing is real. Any moment I'm going to wake up and feel my flat belly and it will all have been a dream. It might take the contraction pains to actually make me truly believe this is real. But to be completely honest, I'm looking forward to her being here and not worrying about getting pregnant, being pregnant, or staying pregnant. It's consumed so much of our life. We can finally take a breath and just be. You don't know how damn good that is going to feel.

I'm hoping and praying I go a little bit early because (I know every prego woman says this) I'm really not sure how much more this big ol' belly can cooperate before it bursts. So baby girl, if you want to bake another week or two, then make your debut, the carseat is ready! June 1st is a great day, but don't you want to me a May baby?

Okay, enough blabbering. It's time to share some picutres. It's a little tough for me to share these because the nursery isn't completely done. I want it to be absolutly perfect for her and I am forever changing things around just like I do in my house; adding things here and there, moving furniture around BUT, i'm satisfied enough to share her space with you all...



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