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You Are Not Alone

I am so undeniably excited to share this post. AHHH. I literally cannot contain my passion for this; I think this is going to be my absolute favorite thing about this SUPER COOL blog. I know people can only hear so much about my story before they are like OK LADY. Therefore, this is for others reading my blog, to share their journeys. At the risk of sounding cheesey: I believe this is my very own calling from God :).

You are not alone (Y.A.N.A.) is a page I created in order to help my friends, neighbors, strangers, and all readers who are going through hardship related to miscarriage, infertility, infant loss, PPD (postpartum depression), or PPA (postpartum anxiety). The inspiration and logic behind this crazy idea is this: Together we can be a support circle of strength, and guide one another when we experience the days where we feel like all hope is lost.

For a while now, I have thought about how I want to help others by sharing my journey. As a friend explained to me how much this SUCKS (as in her real stinking dumb infertility struggle), I was instantly taken back to the deepest, darkest cracks of this journey. I knew how the woman referenced above felt, and I knew there was nothing I could say in that moment to make her feel better. No matter how much we want to believe that things will work out in the end, when we are in the swallows of a hurting heart, it seems almost impossible to have hope. I remember feeling, that as much as I would never wish this hurt on anyone, I also wanted to know that I was not alone. It was comforting.

This part of my blog is dedicated to those who have felt hopeless, defeated, angry, and alone. I hope I can motivate them to share their stories and not be afraid to speak out. Whether you are still battling your journey or have made it out alive, you have something to share. You are helping someone who is on the verge of a breakdown and needs a sign; a sign that they are not alone in this heartbreaking journey they are on. This is for all of you that are asked when you are having children, and maybe you just can't, or you've been trying longer than you ever imagined. Or why you haven't had kids yet and you've had miscarriages; don't they know how bad you want kids? Or the mom who has to lock herself in the bathroom because she can't stop crying after her baby is born; she just cannot get back to feeling like herself again and no one understands. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

It took me almost 16 months to speak out about what I was going through. I just think about how many people I could've helped and how many people would've reached out to me if they knew what was going on in my life. I urge you to share your story no matter how small you think it may be... you are helping someone out there and to them, it means the world.

It's simple: go to and share your words!


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