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After my sister in law posted something on Facebook asking people to choose one word to describe their 2017, it really got me thinking about this challenge. How do you put a whole year into just one word?

Patience: the ability to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting upset. (good ol' Mr. Websters definition) I'm guessing this is something most all people struggle with at some point? I am absolutely no stranger to this. Okay... truth: maybe it's actually my biggest battle; patience and me don't ride the same waves.

Being about to accept, let alone even tolerate, the suffering we've felt is something that took me a long time to face. This year I finally feel like I was able to surrender everything. I am not in control; that's a huge thing for me to admit. In our current society we all want things NOW. With the immediate satisfaction of most things around us, we are devastated when things aren't on our timeline and don't go our way. I started to slowly forget all the amazing things in my life because I was so focused on this ONE THING; starting a family. I was becoming obsessed (another really hard thing to admit). It was consuming me. After multiple heartbreaks and disappointments the patience seemed to get worse and worse.

I literally remember the moment ( I was at church) when I realized this; I will never exactly understand why God put this journey into our lives, but throughout it he was teaching me some REALLY big lessons. ONE. I am not in control TWO. PATIENCE. I am an extremely persistent person. For those of you who know me, you are well aware. Although God knew I would never give up, he was teaching me to be patient. Everything is on his timeline. This patience battle applies to most aspects in my life and in the present he has given me the best thing I could ever ask for. I think found my purpose. (we all have one) Sharing my story and helping others through their infertility journey.

This year I am focused mostly on FEELING JOY; enjoying the little things, and not missing out on the incredible things around me NOW because I are obsessed with what's next. I am intentionaly living in the moment and practicing patience. Practicing it everyday. It doesn't happen overnight and it takes a lot of effort for a stubborn, impatient, little lady.

Freaking Cheers to 2018! It will be the best year yet!

Now, what's your word?



PS- so so soexcited to share a new part of my blog coming in the next week!

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