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Hailey S.

Throughout my miscarriage journey, I have connected and re-connected with some amazing people. People who are brave enough to share their story with others. Meet Hailey. Here is her story:

"It’s been exactly 1 year since our infertility journey began. (Seems like WAY longer) A month after my wedding day, I realized my monthly visit was late & decided to take a test; NEVER thinking it would be positive…A FULL 2 lines; pregnant. In that instant I thought my life would change forever. My husband & I immediately starting looking for our first home, making plans for this new baby & we were ecstatic. My husband has wanted kids for a really long time so for him, this was the greatest news ever; he couldn’t wait to be a dad. A few weeks later, the unfathomable happened…I miscarried. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I feared the worse. After doing hours upon hours of research to see if there was a chance I could still be pregnant, I realized there was a small change and many many women go through this but it’s not as common to have re-current miscarriages. I had hope because I am able to get pregnant & there’s a slight chance this could happen again. 4 miscarriages, many tears later & NO hope left, we decided to see an infertility doctor. Tests, tests & more tests later, I finally have some answers. This first year of marriage has been challenging & not what I expected whatsoever, but I have learned so much, I am so much stronger, I know that I am NOT alone in this battle & I can’t wait to share the built up love I have for this rainbow baby…to be continued."

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