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Hacking a Perfect Vacation

Where to start? Maybe here: The vacation after the vacation- One of the worst feelings when coming back from an unbelievable vacation, is feeling like, I need a vacation from my vacation. Sometimes I feel drained; not ready to get back to reality. It totally sucks, kind of. After my recent vacation to Hawaii, I wanted to share my tricks to what I found to be the perfectly balanced vacation. These are my secrets to a relaxing, refreshing vacation, that leaves my taste buds satisfied until the next delicious meal.

Step 1: Bring a little at-home routine to vacation

Step 2: Partially disengage

Step 3: Don't plan every second, you're creating expectations

Step 4: Take in every moment


Step 1: Bring a little routine to vacation. For me, this is exceptionally important. I don't, and you dont, want to get completely off track. If I get so far away from my routine, I have a really hard time coming back to reality. SO, I pick one thing from my at home routine to incorporate into my daily plans. Every day, I naturally incorporate at least 30 minutes of activity into my morning; in Hawaii, it was yoga on the beach. Although one day, I did go to a local cross-fit with my husband, HOLY WORKOUT. I not only felt more like myself, I didn't feel completely off track and jello-y. Since physical activity is so important to my daily routine, it's definitely something I want to incorporate into my vacation, and you should too! PS- it doesn't have to be physical activity.

Step 2: I'll say partially disengage. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a life altering announcement; Facebook, Email, Instagram, Snapchat & Pinterest aren't going anywhere. Neither are your closest friends or family. Since we're all completely addicted to our phones, I know a complete separation may lead to a real life mental breakdown, but please limit use of your phone. I leave my phone in the room as much as possible so I'm not tempted by the pretty glass screen of my I-phone (which for the record, hasn't changed for 3 years). It's unbelievable how hard it is for people to disengage. But when you do, it's the most refreshing thing. I put an automatic reply on my e-mail stating I have limited access. Since I own and run my own business, throwing my phone into the ocean isn't exactly an option, therefore, I have to check it every once in a while. Of course all of our jobs require different attention, but my best advice is delegate as much responsibility as you can while you are away, and try to put social media on the back burner. For the most part... see y'all in a week...

Step 3: Don't plan every second of vacation. Expectations are created when this happens. If my plans don't go as I hoped, I am immediately disappointed. It can create anxiety if too much is planned. In Hawaii, I picked the things I know I wanted to do and made those plans, but left some time for spontaneous activity = best activity, or better yet, no activity at all. We made sure to put aside time for hiking, surfing, and more hiking. The rest of my time was spent plopped on a beach towel taking in the Hawaiian air. Hallelujah. I tried to do the same thing when I was in Europe earlier this year, site seeing is tiring!

Step 4: Take in every moment. Being Intentional. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. This is something that's hard for most people to remember when in the moment. I try to make a conscious effort to truly take in my memories. Have you ever gone on vacation, had an incredible conversation, or even your wedding day and thought, wow that was wonderful, I wish I would of appreciated or taken it in more? Because, I defiantly have, and I know you have as well. I make it a point to take time to stop what i'm doing and reflect on where I'm at, the scenery, and what I'm doing. Doing everything with intention sound easy, but this takes a super concious effort to do, it takes practice. It makes such a difference once you get home. You appreciate it all more. You overall just appreciate life and people more. So, promise me that you will start to live intentionally through every moment of your life. Sound good?


Yes, these things are all super simple, but for me, these make an immense difference once returning to reality. Vacationing is something that I have taken for granted in the past and as a result, have learned to truly appreciate as I've gotten older. Besides adding SPF 60 instead of oil, these little tips have created a joyful vacation with a "not so bad' transition back to real life.

Happy Vacationing and wear sunscreen!


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