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Ladies and Gents: Say bonjour to my favorite room in our house.


One of the "must haves" when we built our home was somehow incorporating a craft room. I love to paint, draw, build, create, make, design, you get the point. I, quite like to craft.

I believe two of the most important spaces when considering a house, in my opinion, are your creative space (work space, kitchen, where do you like to do your hobbies?) and laundry room. We decided to nix the whole formal dining room idea and create a large, joint craft/laundry room. Hello, very happy wife.

(My laundry stuff is adjacent to this space)

YES, I LOVE SHIPLAP. I know, so does everyone of our inner Joanna Gaines. Just a little, big secret: It's really cheap and easy. If your lucky enough to work with original shiplap, I worship you...

We used shiplap in a few different places throughout the home. I think if it was up me, my entire house would be shiplap. Mitch keeps me sensible. (Thank you hubby.) The one thing about building a new home is that everything is, exactly that, all new. Well, I like really old. When I say I like old, I'm talking about character. Shiplap is an easy way to add "old" character to a "new" space.

We decided to do the craft counter as a wood block. I love wood countertops. They add so much character. In our last house our kitchen island was an old butcher's block and I knew I wanted to incorporate the wood block somewhere again. It works perfectly in this space and goes along with my craft theme. Since it's a wide open space, Mitch also gets to enjoy it by displaying beer and pizza on the couter during our parties. Nailed it.

How cool are these crates? I actually got this inspiration from one of our favorite coffee hangouts up north. Shoutout to BLK/MRKT in Traverse City. I took a picture and put it to use about a year later when we built our house. INSPIRATION IS ALL AROUND. I ended up buying the crates from home depot for about $10 and picked a stain color that I fell for. You could make it look really vintage, and play around with some old antique wooden storage or distribution crates to add even more character.

Shoutout to Smallwood Home for their super cute signs. I LOVE SIGNS (maybe a litte too much).

I added gold terrariums inside the crates (which you must use terrariums in your home; later post) and threw some ivy inside. Play around with succulents or different plants. I love the daintiness of the hanging ivy; it's perfect for our home. You can use real or fake plants. I like to use as many real plants as possible.

I'm really excited to brag about my cornice board making skills. I'm a fan of cornice boards, BUT only in the right places with the right fabric. These are actually extremely uncomplicated to make. They look professional and are perfect for laundry rooms/mud rooms. Window treatments can make the world of difference. So many people forget to nurture their windows. It's one of the easiest and inexpensive way to richen up a space.

(My husband asked what a COR-NICE board was, hehe, oh sweet boy.)

PS: How fun is this fringe skirt from Lulu's?

I snatched this old bar stool from my local antique market.

PSS: I promise I don't typically hang out like this on my own time.

Thanks for visiting my craft room!


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