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Dirty Hair, Don't Care

Beware! HAIR PORN.

This, my friends, is my FAVORITE 2nd/3rd day, dirty hair hairstyle. My inner 2nd grader is so envious. Please welcome back; THE BUBBLE PONY.

Our hairstylist are always preaching "don't wash your hair as much," "skip a few days between shampoos," but for some of ya'll (including me) it can be hard to wear your hair down a few days in a row without it looking grimy. The point is to have dirty hair, but for it not to look like it's dirty, right?

Bubble Ponytail

Okay ladies (or men I suppose), let me tell you how easy this ponytail is to accomplish. First, you need dirty hair. I promise the GRIT is what makes it so sexy. Secondly, dry shampoo; I've been using this new brand called EVO, but my favorite drug store pick is Batiste and go to salon brand is ORIBE. DRY SHAMPOO IS ESSENTIAL. Thirdly, small elastic hair ties. I try to buy the ones that twin my hair color. Typically, you can find different sizes to accommodate the thickness of your hair.

Start by creating a half pony and continue by adding more hair and secure with the ties one by one. (The secret to the full pony look is starting with the half-up ponytail). Each time you add hair add a hair tie, and, walah, you form a bubble. TADAA! I tease my hair after each layer and pull the bubble apart to create a more exaggerated look. Personally, I think the messier the bubbles, the better. However, you can tame it down if you prefer. After you complete the look, you can pull strands away from your face and touch up if needed. This look is not only for thick or long hair. I PROMISE. Beach, Gala (please tell me you've seen my husband's favorite woman, the stunning Blake Lively, rocking this do), date night, or shopping/yoga pants day... dress it up or dress it down. It's so fun, it's so easy, TRY IT!!

Tea Lounge in Grand Rapids
Boutique in Grand Rapids

Side note: I love shopping at Botiques. Everywhere I travel, I try to stop over at the local shops. Besides the quaint, underwhelming atmosphere, you're supporting local businesses and grabbing unique pieces for your closet or home.

Boutique in Grand Rapids
Bubble Ponytail/2nd-3rd Day Hair

Another side note: One of my favorite hobbies is antiquing. I love the old goods that are housed in these huge flea markets that used to belong to people ages ago. It's extremely pleasing to me. I spruce up my house with antiques all the time. (Yes, old things do illuminate your home). I think between Antiques, Homegoods, and maybe an expensive piece here and there, I knock out my decorating pretty quickly, BAM!


YES , I did buy this... and I'm in love.

2nd-3rd day hair

PS: This is supposed to be a jacket, but who says you can't have breakfast food for dinner? With a little help from my handy belt there, I made it a dress!

If I see you out rocking this hair style, I will high-five you. CHEERS FOR DIRTY HAIR!!


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