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I LOVE wearing some OTS; off the shoulder.

Revealing some shoulder has been around for a few seasons now, but it dates back to the 50's! This AIN'T no underground trend, it's everywhere. It's everywhere because it works, and women love it; A classic trend that is perfect for any season of the year. Personally, I love an off the shoulder sweater for when it's cooler, on dresses or onsies for spring/summer, or even with the jean shift which is everywhere (a whole other conversation). Another version of this trend is what I call a "peep shoulder" top ( or cold shoulder), which is a little bit more comfortable than the classic off the shoulder. It gives you the off the shoulder look, but with straps to help keep the shirt up ( P.S. you can raise your arms without showing the world your belly button, genius!).

The best part about this trend? Showing a little shoulder and collar bone without revealing the whole arm. After talking to multiple women, a common insecurity is their arms. This type of top allows you to go outside your comfort zone, but still have one foot (or arm) in your safe space. It works on any size, shape, color, I PROMISE. COLLARBONES & SHOULDERS ARE SEXY, LADIES! Sexy, BUT appropriate for almost all occasions and super classy.

1. I promise you will look good in it 2. I promise you will love it.

Quick shoutout to black, high rise jeans. If you do not have a pair, I suggest you invest in one. I have two pairs that I love. High rise makes them comfortable and friendly; and they are a more sophisticated look than leggings. (PS - they are super stretchy :D )

But hey, I'm sure ya'll already know this, you're beautiful, smart and trendy.


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