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DIY Barnwood Shelves

DO IT YOURSELF! I pinky promise this is not hard. These shelves are an easy, quick weekend (more like 2 hour) project to season up a space in your home that needs a little oomph. We decided to build these shelves in our kitchen nook and also in our laundry room. Top them off with a few nic nacs, clean up the snace, then crack a beer! PROJECT COMPLETE.

Although this is not a DIY tutorial blog, I really wanted to show you my simple steps to complete this look; because it's just so FUN! Let me walk you through HOW EASY this project really is:

WHAT TO BUY (or find):

1. WOOD (we <3 barnwood!) We have this awesome tool called GOOGLE, which allows you to discover awesome reclaimed shops, antique stores, etc. Or, feel free to swing up to good ol' Home Depot

2. Four 10" Black Iron Pipes (If you cannot find black - SPRAY PAINT!) You can find these at any plumbing store

3. Four 3/4" pipe caps

4. Four 3/4" flanges

5. Black Spray paint

6. 4 wall anchors

7. Power drill

8. Screws

Optional: Brackets (make sure they fit around your 10" pipes)

PS - I would recommend having measuring tape, pencil, and level handy


3 EASY STEPS! (or 7)

1. Start by prepping the metal. I spray painted mine black, but still let some of the silver and rust come through. (personal preference). ALLOW DRY TIME

2. Measure where you would like your shelves. Make sure that you use measuring tape so that you don't have crooked shelves. Place the flanges where you want to hang and MARK THE SPOT

3. Insert your drywall anchors so that you have enough support for the shelves. The barnwood is heavy itself before adding your nic nacs.

4. Drill the flanges into the wall with your screws; make sure they are secure ( I would suggest using that handy level before making any drilling decisions; measure twice, drill once)

5. Screw the pipe caps to the pipes and then the pipes to the flanges already attached to the wall

6. Place the shelves on top


7.2. My husband enjoyed reading these steps

PS - If you would like a little extra support (WE DID!) You can place a bracket around the pipes and drill into the shelves.



I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shelves and the flexiblity of changing the look by simply swapping out nic nacs. As you can probably tell from this picture, I love clutter. I call it organized clutter. (not the hoarder kind of clutter) The more "thing a ma bobs", the better.


I hope you give it a try and share some photos


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