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HELLO! I’m Lauren. The gal behind WILD + PROPER. P.S. everyone calls me Lo. I created W+P  after a long battle searching for the ideal creative outlet to pour a few of my favorite things into. With some push from my lovely friends and family, here I am. I have an amazing husband, beautiful daugher, and two furry animals. Along with those loves of my life, fashion and style have always inspired me, which has led me on a sincere hunt for the perfect “look”; be it clothing, beauty trends, or home design. So, that’s what you’ll find here at W+P: a few of my favorites things mixed with my families journey through this crazy life. While I am far from a professional blogger or expert,  I'm excited to share what I love, with you.


 W+P: a little free-spirited, a little wild, but with a touch of refined propriety 



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